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Business data

  • EUR 1028824 / 2017
  • EUR 500000 / 2009
  • 33
  • Belgium, Denmark, France
  • Producer

Legal data

  1. 41202014558
  2. LV41202014558
  3. 21.08.1998
  4. Kuldīgas nov., Kuldīga, Stendes iela 12, LV-3301
  5. 2018


The furniture manufacturing company SIMRA was established on August 21, 1998 in Kuldiga, in a small carpentry, as furniture production by individual projects. Our plant benefits from the ability to adapt quickly to market changes, and each client individually. The company's employees regularly visit woodworking exhibitions in Latvia and Europe to keep up with the latest production trends and the most up-to-date materials in the furniture industry, as the woodworking business in the world is developing very rapidly, and the furniture is changing just like clothes or cars. We offer our customers the most up-to-date and most up-to-date finishing materials or fittings as soon as the customer wants to order new furniture. SIMRA masters are highly qualified staff who produce furniture according to individual projects for customers in Latvia, Denmark, Belgium and France. 


Furniture, furniture manufacturing. Exclusive wooden furniture. Bedroom furniture,
bedroom furniture sets, beds. Lamps. Living room furniture, couches,
living room facilities, living-room sets. Office furniture. Dining room sets,
dining room furniture. Coffee tables.

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