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Fast and high-quality metal laser cutting in Mārupe. Metal processing, production of structures. Welding services. Designs of food production equipment. Industrial stairs. Production of loft furniture structures. Decorative outdoor panels, metal fences. Individual orders. Drawing services. A reliable partner for providing metalworking services for biogas producers. Providing customized products to engineering, shipbuilding, subsea exploration, oil production companies and anti-corrosion tank manufacturers. Metal laser cutting with TRUMF equipment in Latvia. Metal structure production. Manufacture of metal products and metal structures to order. Regular deliveries to European countries. Delivery to Scandinavia 2 times a week.


CNC metalworking by individual order

Laser cutting:

  • Structural details
  • Metal profiles
  • Pipes

CNC bending:

  • Metal laths
  • Metal profiles
  • Pipe bending


  • High quality welding
  • Mag


  • Preparation of an estimate within 2 days
  • Production costs
  • Test sample
  • Product quality compliance specification



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