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Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine
Clinic of dentistry and aesthetic medicine


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Working time

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  • Mon800-2000
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  • Fri800-2000
  • Sat1000-1600

Business data

  • EUR 2078100 / 2023
  • 49
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40103743305
  2. LV40103743305
  3. 18.12.2013
  4. 18.12.2013
  5. Bērzaunes iela 7, Rīga, LV-1039

About us

An undoubted advantage of Sky Dream Clinic is an integrated approach to patient treatment, which means that all highly specialized dentists of the clinic work in a unified team. Thanks to this, you save your time and nerves, because you do not have to independently look for the opportunity to make an appointment with the necessary specialists, which are usually available in various clinics and medical centers. Another important advantage of Sky Dream Clinic is its digital dental laboratory, where veneers, crowns, various crowns, surgical guides are made. This allows the attending physician to directly control the quality of laboratory products, and also significantly reduces the time of prosthetics and the number of patient visits to the dentist. This careful attitude towards the patient's health allows the clinic to successfully perform 20,000 dental manipulations per year.

Dental Check-Up

During the first visit to Sky Dream Clinic, within an hour, you will undergo a complex dental diagnosis with the latest technologies - photofixation, 3D computed tomography - which makes the examination process very simple and painless. After that, the examination results are shown on the big screen and the health status of the oral cavity is presented in detail, a treatment plan is created and appointments are made with the clinic specialists, as well as individual recommendations for further treatment and/or prevention are given.


Sky Dream Clinic's range of services covers almost all branches of dentistry:

  • dental treatment;
  • surgery and implantation;
  • prosthetics and aesthetic restoration;
  • endodontics( dental treatment with the help of a microscope) ;
  • orthodontics( bite correction with braces or braces) ;
  • treatment of gum disease( periodontist services) ;
  • teeth whitening with different methods;
  • dental hygiene;
  • pediatric dentistry, as well as sedation with laughing gas, which greatly reduces anxiety in sensitive patients.

General anesthesia

On the other hand, in the new branch in Mārupe, medicated sedation is available, which will allow more complex and longer surgical manipulations to be performed. This service will especially help to avoid stress for children.

Zobu feja

The little patients are especially thought of, because they have a cozy corner, they are given a diploma for the courage they have shown and nice gifts are given, while specially designed offices create a maximum relaxed and even playful environment, while the skilled and sensitive tooth fairies ensure an easy and painless treatment process without tears.


Both Sky Dream Clinic clinics are located in bright and spacious rooms that create a calm feeling. The quiet and cozy environment guarantees visitors a sense of peace and security, and they are cared for by highly qualified specialists who continue to improve their knowledge and skills in order to provide the best possible treatment to their patients.



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