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  5. 2022

Work clothes and footwear

Šmid Ltd. is selling work clothes, work shoes, work gloves and special clothing throughout Latvia and the Baltic States. The company has been providing services for 18 years. We offer products such as helmets, gloves, protective shoes, overalls and other types of clothing intended for work. In our company, you will find brands of work clothing such as: 3M, HELLY HANSEN, MONITOR, WIVES, ZEKLER, TOP SWEDE, L, BRADOR, DELTA PLUS, COFRA, GUIDE, GRIPPAZ, UVEX, PESSO, BALTIC CANVAS, FTG, GIASCO, TEXSTAR, ATG, CXS, FRISTADS, ACODE, BLAKLADER, VIKING, SIRSAFETY, KASK, CRESTO and others.



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Winter workwear with reflectors. Waterproof clothing. Raincoats. Clothing for protection against rain and wind. Clothing for protection against chemicals. Clothing for metallurgists. Clothes for welders.
Shoes for welders. Apron for welders. Winter workwear, winter overalls for anglers.
Warm work jacket. Thermal underwear. Thermo workwear. Disposable clothing. Disposable caps. Swabs. Overalls for painters. Work footwear with a metal toe. Work shoes trade, wholesale. Work sandals, protective footwear, boots, shoes. Lace boots, boots. Winter boots. Rubber boots.
Waterproof shoes. Boots for fishermen. Head protection. Helmets. Helmets for builders. Face protection. Protection shield. Protective screen. Goggles. Work glasses. Hearing protection.
Work headphones. Ear plugs. Respiratory organ protection. Respirators. Face masks. Filters.
Filters for mask. Clean air supply systems. Protection means for welders. Glasses for welders. Welder's mask. Knee guards. Anti-fall protection.
Tools for work at height. Safety belts and ropes. Safety systems.
Belts for work at height. Blocking systems, mechanisms. Hooks and carbines. Work glove sale, wholesale. Protective gloves. Combined gloves, leather gloves. Winter work, warm, rubber,
chemically resistant, disposable, disposable gloves. Gloves for welders, forbearers,
metallurgists. Gloves resistant to cutting. Unbreakable, dielectric, heat resisting, anti-vibration, impregnated gloves.
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