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We install solar panels for both households and businesses. We offer modern solutions based on the wishes and needs of each client. Our range includes globally recognized and proven solar panels with the most advanced technologies for the highest energy production. offers Efficient Solar Energy Solutions for households and companies. From small solar panel kits for garden homes to high-energy solar panels for companies. We provide full-service services from project development, coordination to the installation and commissioning of solar panels.


You can buy from us:

  • solar panels( solar batteries)
  • inverters( network, battery and hybrids)
  • batteries mounts for solar panels
  • cables, connectors
  • personal mini power plants
  • lithium batteries

We also offer:

  • electric car charging stations
  • solar panel awnings
  • built-in solar panels for electric car charging


About us

We have permits and certificates for both small microgenerator connections and large power plants for connection to the Distribution Network and for commissioning and supervision.

We have developed the most suitable fastening systems for each roof covering, which do not damage the roof covering. Fastening system components are supplied to us by German and Dutch manufacturers, whose products have all the necessary certificates.

Solar energy is our core business, so all attention is paid to this industry to provide customers with first-class service. We are always looking for the most suitable solutions for each customer individually and constantly follow the latest trends in the alternative energy market. We are the official representative of Growatt in Latvia.


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