Photo 64, multifunction trainer body craft gx, dumbbells 2x28kg, multi trainer body craft galena, f446, weight discs, barbell, universal bench body craft f602
Rowing machine Sportop R700, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Horizontal exercise bike Sportop B1100, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Elliptical trainers Spirit CE800, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Exercise bike Spirit CU800, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Multi gym GX with leg option Body Craft GX, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Pull-up stand with accessories DPT360, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Weight plates are colored, rubberized, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Universal Stand Body Craft Life Tree, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Multifunctional trainer BODYCRAFT K2, LTD Sporta Sistemas
Elliptical trainer Spirit XE 395; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Elliptical trainer Spirit XG 200; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Elliptical trainer Sportop E7000P; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Treadmill Spirit CT 800; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Treadmill Spirit CT100; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Smith machine BODYCRAFT Jones; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Bench press STB352; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Bench and rack for bench press BNR 329; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Stand for weight bar SR 315; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Trainer for leg exercises BODYCRAFT F 660; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Universal barbell stand MPR 480; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Exercise bike Spirit CR 800; LTD Sporta sistemas
Abdominal press bench AB 605; LTD Sporta Sistemas
Elliptical trainer sportop e850p
Ski trainers sportop e450 new
Exercise bike sportop cb8300
Trainers for sports clubs bodycraft spt
Rehabilitation trainers bodycraft pftar solu
Stepper sportop mst 8100-p
Fitness equipment eva mat
Elliptical trainers spirit xe195
Running trainer spirit-ct850
Treadmill spirit-xt285
Spinning bike spirit-cb900


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About the company

"Sporta Sistēmas" Since 2001 has been specializing in the retail and wholesale of professional and home exercise equipment and fitness equipment in the Baltic States and Finland. The company is the official representative of ATX, SPIRIT, TRUE FITNESS, FFITTECH, FIRST DEGREE, BODYCRAFT, FLOW FITNESS, SPORTOP, GYM80, UFC, PX-SPORT and INSIGHT brands. "Sporta Sistēmas" SIA performs gym maintenance and service, plans gyms and provides consultations. Our mission is to help you reach your fitness goals!


Affordable prices and good service

Favorable prices are ensured by the company's strategy of purchasing the entire range of goods only from manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries. We work with our suppliers IF-Sports, Bodycraft, Spirit, PX-Sport and Insight by concluding agreements on exclusive distribution rights in Latvia and the Baltic States, which gives our customers the opportunity to receive the highest quality service and manufacturer's guarantees.

Availability - extensive warehouses

The trainers bought in our store are available immediately, the trainers ordered will be delivered within a few days after placing the order.


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