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Metal constructions, Metal structures, Metal articles, Metalworking
and products of stainless steel. Metal processing. Metal structure making,
installation, metal constructions. Metal structures: production,
assembly, installation, turning, welding. Metal article painting,
cleaning with sand, painting with powder paints, Metal article and
metal surface preparation for painting: water washing with pressure 300 bar,
cleaning with sandblast, degreasing, metal surface painting with powder paints,
ice-type for epoxy paints, for epoxy paints, for acrylic paints,
for zinc paint, for dyes with phenolic primer and other. Painter
expert certificates FROSIO. Stainless steel products: production,
polishing, assembly, installation, (stairs, railings, stairs, railing fencing,
grid cubes and other decorative elements). Ship building and repair:
Repairs in docks, emergency repair during vessel operation. Ship design:
connection, gangways, manufacturing and repair. Hatch, lid - modernization and repairs.
Ship's hull repair. Insulation works in any part of the world. Metal
structure production, assembly. Metal structure design. Metal processing.
Metal sheets, profiles, bars.