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  • Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania
  • Importer, Distributor, Service provider

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  5. 10.03.1995
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BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT, STIHL tools and construction machinery store in RIGA in Bergis. We offer a wide range of tools for construction, agriculture, industry. Service for cordless, battery and power tools, measuring and plumbing tools. Loaders, tractors, excavators, grinding and plastering equipment, milling machines, concrete equipment, concrete mixer, soil compaction, drilling equipment, construction site equipment, generators, compressors, paving equipment, heaters, dehumidifiers, water pumps, pneumatic equipment.
Repair of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical parts, measuring instruments, construction equipment and tools, motors. Diagnostics of forklifts and hydraulic parts. Rental of construction machinery and tools.


Sale of electric tools and construction equipment

  • Accumulator tools.
  • Power tools.
  • Measuring instruments.
  • Tools.
  • Stairs.
  • Plumbing tools.
  • Heaters and dehumidifiers.
  • Washing and cleaning machines.
  • Garden tools and equipment.
  • Welding equipment.
  • Work clothes.
  • Abrasive materials.
  • Construction machinery
  • Earthmoving and earth moving machines
  • Dismantling and hydraulic equipment.
  • Public transport.
  • Compressors and generators
  • Concrete processing equipment
  • Plaster and concrete mixing equipment.
  • Heaters and dehumidifiers
  • High pressure washers and water pumps
  • Construction site equipment


Repair and spare parts of tools and construction machinery

  • Road construction machinery repair
  • Spare parts for road construction machinery.
  • Diamond drill recovery
  • Makita
  • GEHL
  • HTC
  • Kreber



Sale of tools and construction equipment throughout Latvia, Spare parts, Repair, Service, Online shop, Promotional events, Sale, Online shops, Cordless drills, drilling machines, angle polishing machines, planes, punches, saws, gardening tools, pumps, blowers, spotlights, Cordless magnetic drills, Sealants, nailers, staplers, Scissors for tin and carpets, Radios, Power tools, Splitting hammers, drills and screwdrivers, Diamond drills, Cutting tools, Concrete and masonry cutting tools, Multifunction instruments, Jig saws, Circular saws, Tandem saws, Saber saws, Woodworking tools, Planes, Milling cutters, Wood cutting equipment, Metal cutting tools, Vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner, Concrete and putty grinding tools, Eccentric, belts, straight, vibration sanders, Thermo tools, Glue guns, Polystyrene cutting tools, Extension cords, Electric tools to be sharpened, Mixers, Jackhammer, Punch, Drill, Grinder, Drill, Plane, Saw, Power saw, Gardening tools, Pump, Splitting hammer, Jackhammer, Metal circular saw, Tin shears, Stationary band saw, Metal circular saw, Chemical cleaning, cleaning, pump, vacuum cleaner, for wet and dry cleaning, Mobile vacuum cleaner, Sander for dry plaster, Concrete grinder, Wall and ceiling belt sander, Thickness plane, EIBENSTOCK stand assembly kit for masonry, diamond drill adapter, mixer, CEDIMA water reservoir, drilling rig, motor, REMS stand, stone mill, MACROZA wall milling machine, DEWALT, BOSCH, FESTOOL, MAKITA submersible circular saw, Joint cutter, MAKPAC, Panel saw, Circular saw machine, machine, Foam cutter, PRO BAUTEAM, Construction fan, BRENNENSTUHL, FERIOL, ACUMA extender, extension cords, Cross-sectional and longitudinal machines, Vibrating sander, Scraper, Polishing, Construction and repair works, Construction works, Grinding stone bits set, DEWALT filter for vacuum cleaner, Ruler connector, STEINEL, MACROSA, KARCHER, STARMIX, NORTON, Laser rangefinder, rangefinders, Line lasers, Measuring wheel, Cross line, cross lines, multiline laser, Green lines, point laser, Laser level gauges, Rotating spirit level, Theodolites, Optical, electronic theodolite, Digital thermometer, Wall scanner, Temperature gauge, Infrared thermometer, Thermal imager, Non-contact thermometer with thermal camera, NIVCOMP electronic level with disc and wheels, Signal generator, Underground communications finder, Soil density meters, HMP instrument testing, calibration, Computer software for earth density meters, Transport trolley, Measuring-tape, Measuring-tapes, Jelly rolls, Digital goniometer, Level ruler, Laser beam receiver, Telescopic stand, Measuring rod, Remote control, Plastering tools, PFT stainless steel plaster comb, Toothed spatula, Floor leveling tool, Plaster ruler, Trapezoidal guide, Pad, Combs, BETON TROWEL magnesium trowel for concrete, Knee protection board, Comparable spatula, Rake, Aluminum leveler for concrete, Drainage ruler, Wheelbarrow for concrete, GLORIA spray tank, Concrete ironing, leveling, finishing ruler, Leveling batten for concrete, Armature bending, cutting tool, Dustable carts, Tile cutting machines, workbenches, NORTON CLIPPER, KAUFMANN TOPLINE ROBUST tile cutter, CEDIMA saw table, stationary saw, Wrench, Knife, Spanner set, ELK electrician's knife, BAHCO carpenter's pencil, KIVIPEX COBRA pliers, Scaffolding key, ATLAS COPCO screwdriver heads, head set, Strengthening instruments, Screwdriver set, Folding workbench, Inks, color marker, Aluminium stairs, support, universal, pull out, telescopic, combined, wooden, with a platform, ZARGES, Two-part, three-part, four-part staircase, Stairs with refueling platform, Stair accessories wheels, staples, support sole, hinges, support weight discs, railing support, Aluminum pallet ladder, Step extension, Wheel adapter, MUBA aluminum stairs with handrails, Modular, modular construction scaffolding, Pipe, sewer inspection and cleaning equipment, Pipeline surveillance cameras, endoscopes, Pressure testing equipment, Filling and washing equipment, Pipe crimping and extension tools, freezing, cutting, cutting bending, soldering, welding, mounting equipment, Extension tools, Carbon dioxide freezer, Hand pipe cutters, Plumbing linear saws, Pipe scissors, Hand pipe bender, Hydraulic bending machine, Bending segment, Electric bending device, bending machine, Soldering iron, Gas burner, Soldering pliers, Plastic pipe welding machine, Thread cutting tools, Thread cutter, Crimping machine, Threading machine, Thread cutter, Threaded blades, knives, Heaters, Gas, electric, infrared heater, Diesel heater, MASTER, Moisture collector, Air dryer, Air conditioner, Ventilator, Blower, Ventilators, Blowers, Water heaters, Gas cooler, Thermostat, High pressure washer, Sweeping and cleaning equipment, Stone and facade, window cleaner, Dust, filter bags, bag, STIHL power saw, HOSQVARNA, Leaf blowers, Chain saw, Lawn mower, Lawn mowers, Trimmers, Hedge shears, Pneumatic tools, Air hoses, Work clothes, underwear, pants, overalls, gloves, footwear, boots, hats, jackets, sweaters, waterproof, underpants, Tinted glasses, ear plugs, knee guards, goggles, welder's helmet, respirator, protective masks, Leather belt, Swabs, Face mask, Cutting discs, Abrasive brush, DREMEL, Carbide cutting discs, Circular saw blade for wood, for metal, for steel, for plastic, for laminate, for cement slabs, Wheel, caterpillar, articulated loaders, Belt conveyors, Wacker plates, vibro plates, vibratory rollers, Paving broom OPTIMAS, Pavement joint filling machine, Hydraulic lift, Bomag, Vibro-rammer, Demolition equipment, Hydraulic stations, hammers, scissors, grips, Concrete crushing, screening, crushing buckets, ESSENTIAL, BROKK radio controlled demolition robot, Metal cutting shears, Excavation buckets, Sorting and demolition grippers, EPIROC, Cangini Benne, Boom lifter, Trailers for tractors, Plows, seeding-machine, lawn mowers, ground rollers, snow plows, seeding-machine, potato diggers, graders, shredders, DEL MORINO, Generators, compressors, lighting towers, Screw, piston compressors, LED light, projector, Inverter generator, SETOLITE, Concrete grinder, vibrators, vibration rollers, tapes, barriers, Asphalt and concrete cutting equipment, Tile and block cutting machines, Floor grinding machines, Industrial vacuum cleaners, Mortar mixers, Concrete pumps, Sandblasting tools, Waste disposal pipes, Mobile fences, Trench cover panels,