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Business data

  • EUR 3451275 / 2022
  • EUR 1200000 / 2009
  • 49
  • Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia
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Legal data

  1. 45103002768
  2. LV45103002768
  3. 25.01.1993
  4. 10.09.2004
  5. Tehnikas iela 14, Auce, Dobeles nov., LV-3708

Equipment manufacturing and metalworking since 1993

LTD "TEHNIKA AUCE" has been operating in the field of manufacturing various equipment and metalworking since 1993. In the first years of operation, the company was engaged in the maintenance, repair and manufacture of agricultural machinery.
Over time, LTD "TEHNIKA AUCE" has largely developed production and its technologies, focused on the production of woodworking and forestry equipment and metalworking.


"Technique auce" production:

  • Horizontal and vertical bandsaws;
  • Impregnation baths;
  • Saw blades for wood and metal;
  • Reducers and variators;
  • Hydro engines;
  • Hydrocylinders;
  • Hydraulic hose presses and cutters;
  • Metal processing;
  • Soil leveling technique.



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