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Knee orthosis with hinges
Knee orthosis Genumedi
Knee orthosis for stabilization of collateral ligaments
Elbow orthosis with hinges
Elbow orthosis Epicondylitis
Individually milled insoles
Individually modeled insoles
Lumbar cross corset
Compression stockings
Wrist orthosis
Shoulder orthosis
Elastic ankle orthosis
Ankle foot orthosis AFO
Foot immobilizer ROM walker
Scholl orthopedic shoes
Scholl orthopedic sports shoes
Thoracolumbar corset
Thumb orthosis


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Business data

  • EUR 660 263 / 2020
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Legal data

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  2. LV40003517130
  3. 07.11.2000
  4. Krišjāņa Barona iela 122A – 39, Rīga, LV-1012
  5. 2022


LTD "Tehniskā Ortopēdija" is a company with more than 10 years experience. Some of our specialists have more experience in the industry than the age of the company. The new employees are also properly educated, certified and already well experienced. Field services of a technical orthopedist already in 7 Latvian cities - Liepaja, Daugavpils, Rezekne, Livani, Kuldiga, Preili, Ventspils.



Technical aids, corset, medical belt, orthosis, back, knee-joint, ankle, foot, lock, collar, crutches, crutch, walking stick, stoks, orthopedic insole, individually made, orthopedic insoles, shoe inserts, compression stockings, trauma doctor - orthopedic, technical orthopedist, cruciate ligaments, consultations, wheelchair, wheelchair, stools, walkers, hand, leg prosthesis, orthopedic pillow, splint, synthetic, gypsum link, foot diagnostics, podometrics, orthopedic shoes, flatfoot, arch of the foot, trips to Liepaja, Daugavpils, To Livani, Rezekni. We make trips to the Rehabilitation Center "Rāzna" and Rezekne. Applying for on-site services by phone: 67333023, 27767170. Podometrics, foot diagnostics, consultations of a technical orthopedist. ( Technical orthopedist: medical practitioner, functional specialist of the rehabilitation team. Free consultations on prosthetics of extremity. LTD "Technical orthopedics" limb prostheses and orthoses are possible, also medical corsets, receiving from the state budget funds, in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations no. 1474 "Rules for technical aids" .