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  • EUR 505109 / 2020
  • 4
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40003617023
  2. LV40003617023
  3. 29.01.2003
  4. Tukuma nov., Smārdes pag., Smārde, Nākotnes iela 7, LV-3129
  5. 2020


Ltd. "Tehniskie projekti" is one of the leading companies in Latvia, which is engaged in the trade of industrial fluid sealing systems, high-performance protective coatings, cleaning agents, lubricants and maintenance equipment for industrial equipment. The company is an authorized dealer of Chesterton repair and maintenance material production equipment, ROSE SYSTEMTECHNIK pumps. Also the only authorized dealer in Latvia for "FRENZELIT" compensators. "EJENDALS" - Work gloves. "JALAS" - Work shoes. PECOFACET - Liquid filters. Our products: COMPENSATORS (flexible joints) - rubber, metal, fabric OIL and LUBRICANTS production equipment (lubricants) Mechanical end SEALS (Pump shaft seal, seals) PUMP packing EJENDALS work gloves and JALAS work shoes PECOFACET liquid filters, air filters High quality Ltd. "Tehniskie projekti" vision is to be recognized as the best cooperation partners. Offering high quality products to customers in the industrial process industry, enabling the customer to improve the performance of the production process while increasing competitiveness and efficiency.


Compensators Frenzelit, metal surface restoration, compensators, sealants, pumps for manufacturing, Chesterton gaskets, compressors, gaskets, oiling materials, CHESTERTON - gaskets, soft material gaskets, metal gaskets, mechanical end seals, COMPROFILE-metal seals with graphite, spiral seals, spiral seals, ( SPIRAL WOUND) metal seal with graphite flange connections, industrial oils, lubricants, oiling materials, products mechanical seals, hard surface cleaners, technical maintenance products, lubrication products, ceramic composite material coatings for metal surfaces renewal, ceramic composite material coatings for metal surface protection, spherical bolts, swivel bolts, DAMALINI AB for laser equipment alignment, laser equipment for geometry determination, TM induction heating equipment, LEISTRITZ screw-type pumps, FRENZELIT seals, heat insulation, sealing materials, sealing braids, FRENZELIT compensators, sheet sealing materials, fabric compensators, rubber compensators, metal compensators, metal flanges, thermal insulation, twine, fabrics, tape, woodworking, metal processing, pump, pumps, vacuum pumps for purification systems, vacuum pumps for water treatment plants, production equipment pumps, EASY LASER laser equipment for aligning, GUTERMANN production, water pipe leak detectors, pipeline leak detection detector, AIRFIL air industrial filters, air filters, liquid filters, CLARCOR air filters, PECOFACET filters for aviation fuel, filter elements, filter houses, PECOFACET - filters for the shipping industry, ( shipbuilding) PECOFACET- filter for fuel, gas, other liquids, STERLING SIHI pumps, equipment, pump, pump, heating, insulation, pipeline industrial fittings, cleaning filters, sewerage, automatics, work gloves, work shoes - sale, rubber products, rubber materials, NBR, EPDM, VITON, SILICON, work gloves EJENDALS, work shoes JALAS, monitoring program TP, CMMS for manufacturing companies, factories, repair scheduling software, HIGH QUALITY, quality of security issues resolving, security issue solution, consultations, cost counseling, resource consulting, electricity savings, technical project development, improvement alternatives, pipeline flanges, macometer, flange seals, french gaskets, flat gaskets.