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Firefighting equipment Valmiera Cesis Riga Limbaži
Fire extinguishers fire extinguishers alarm Valmiera Cesis Vidzeme
Firefighting inventory fire extinguishers Valmiera Riga Smiltene
Labor protection equipment fire extinguishers Valmiera Valka Riga
Fire safety inventory fire extinguishers Valmiera Cesis Riga Vidzeme
Fire extinguisher equipment fire extinguishers Valmiera Riga Vidzeme
Work gloves clothes fire extinguishers Valmiera Valka Cēsis Smiltene Rīga
Fire extinguishers inventory fire alarm Valmiera Cēsis Smiltene Riga


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  3. 22.05.2007
  4. Palejas iela 2B, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201
  5. 2021


We are a stable and fast growing company in the fire safety industry. Our team consists of knowledgeable employees with many years of experience, providing our customers with quality solutions in fire safety.


Our services:

Assessment of the fire safety condition of the object:
* Evaluation of the technical project documentation at the disposal of the object;
* Checking the operation of fire protection systems, their compliance with regulatory enactments, conformity assessment of firefighting equipment;
* Site assessments;
* Evaluation of object premises;
* Evaluation of the facility's fire safety documentation.

SURVEILLANCE OF OBJECTS: * Assess the required firefighting equipment;
* Prepare recommendations;
* Evaluate fire protection systems;
* Calculation of the required amount of firefighting equipment and their location.
* Provide an estimate of the resources required to make improvements;
* Consultations on fire safety regulations and standards.
* Review of fire protection system projects and preparation of recommendations.
* Fire safety audit of objects and preparation of recommendations.
* Examination of inspection reports prepared by the State Fire and Rescue Service and preparation of recommendations.


We provide services throughout the territory of Latvia!

  • Maintenance of fire extinguishers;
  • Inspection of fire hydrants and pumps;
  • Fire safety requirements;
  • AUS systems( installation and dismantling) ;
  • Development of evacuation and territory plans;
  • CV protection and job security.



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