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Beet cultivation
Grain growing
Vegetable growing
Wholesale beet
Vegetable gardening
Livestock breeding
potato wholesale
wholesale of vegetables


  • 29 in july 2022, 09:25

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Business data

  • EUR 1008012 / 2022
  • Distributor, Producer

Legal data

  1. 59201006331
  2. LV59201006331
  3. 11.06.1992
  4. 11.06.1992
  5. "Tiečas", Slampes pag., Tukuma nov., LV-3119

About hp "Tiečas"

Farm "Tiečas" engages in the wholesale trade of fresh vegetables( carrots, potatoes, table beets, cabbage), grain growing and wholesale( rye, barley, rapeseed, wheat), pork production and trade, as well as with the lease and purchase of agricultural land.



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