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Lorry loaders
Lorry loaders
Lorry loaders
Lorry loaders
Lorry loaders


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LTD "Timberlift" engages in the sale and service of auto loaders and equipment intended for work with front-end loaders and excavators.


  • "Groeneveld-Beka" - automatic central lubrication systems
tractor machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, transport, industrial equipment, etc.
  • "GöteneUfo" quality equipment for wheel loaders, and
for excavators incl. buckets for various applications, forks, quick couplers, etc.
  • "Clark" - forklifts with lifting capacity from 1.5 to 8 tons, operated by
diesel, gas and electricity. "Clark" warehouse equipment incl.
mechanical and electric pallet trucks, stackers, etc.
  • "Raniero" - a truck loader manufacturer that offers electrically operated
forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 25 tons, suitable for operation in a wide range of economic sectors
  • "Auer" - forestry and agricultural machinery, incl. timber
hydraulic manipulator for three-point hitch for work with tractor equipment with power from 50 HP.
  • "Volvo" front loader service and repair works. We offer new ones
and used / refurbished spare parts with warranty.


Oiling systems, central oiling, automatic oiling,
industrial oiling systems, buckets for excavators, excavation buckets,
soaring cups, buckets for wheel loaders, snow shovels,
high spill buckets, log grippers, quick couplers,
used machinery, loading machinery, electric truck, autocars, electric forklifts,
Clark electric pallet truck, electric stackers, handling equipment for warehouses, warehouse equipment, loading equipment service,
spare parts, lift machinery, fork loaders, internal logistics security systems, security equipment, hydraulic manipulators for tractors, equipment for tractors, Auer mounted hydraulic manipulators,
beam clamps, spare parts for wheel loaders,
Volvo frontal loader service. Central lubrication; lubrication systems for transport; industrial oiling systems; Groeneveld-Beka; greaser; spare parts; lubrication system breakdown and repair. Equipment for loading equipment; quick couplers; cups; forks; log buckets; log grippers; high spill buckets; hydraulic rotary brushes; brushes with a cup; snow shovels; salt spreaders. Weighing systems for forklifts; scales for forklift trucks; accurate scales for forklifts; hydraulic scales; scales for warehouse lifts; pallet trucks with scales. Wheel discs; car loader wheel rims; wheel rims for tractors. Spare parts for VOLVO tractors; spare parts Volvo L90/L110/L120/L150/L180; spare parts for quarry equipment VOLVO A25/A30/A35/A40; restored bridges; renewed gearboxes; technical maintenance.