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Tolus, LTD


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  3. 08.12.2011
  4. 08.12.2011
  5. Ūnijas iela 15A, Rīga, LV-1039

About the company

Construction company "Tolus" is one of the leading construction companies in Latvia, which with its rich experience and quality work works at the international level, we specialize in the implementation of construction projects of various scales.

We offer a wide range of services covering infrastructure facilities and construction in the private sector.



Facades, facade works, facade insulation, insulation works, insulation of the facade with foam, facade decoration with clapboards, vagonka, facade decoration with metal, facade reinforcement, facade priming, ventilated facades, facade painting, decorative plaster, plastering the facade with decorative plaster, advice on construction, consultations on facade works, estimate, construction works, construction, construction, concreting, concreting works, foundation concreting, welding, metal structure assembly, assembly and delivery of sandwich panels, finishing works, private house construction, design works, royalties, construction supervision.