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Ski mask
Anglers card
Cups, medals, awarding
The glove is 3,500x500
Football boots, boots
Sports shoes
Work footwear, clothing
Nutrition supplements
Sports equipment
Skateboards in Jelgava
Fishing accessories
Balls in Jelgava
Box, combat equipment
Walking stick equipment
Boats in Jelgava
Football shoes
Sports costume
Skis, poles, links distance
Swimming goggles, swimming caps, swimming inventory
Swim shorts


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  • Sat900-1700

Business data

  • EUR 141650 / 2023
  • 5
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 43603006585
  2. LV43603006585
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV31HABA0551002888119
  5. 16.08.1994
  6. 26.11.2004


Shop "Jūsu Sportiskais Stils" offers sports clothes and shoes, sports equipment, trainers, expanders, balls, roller skates. Goods for tourism - tents and sleeping bags, bags and backpacks, boats. Goods for anglers.



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