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Compression socks
Lumbar for fixation of the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine
Cross-shaped posture corrector
posture corrector for lower thoracic and lumbar spine
Lumbar for fixation of the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine
Posture corrector for the upper spine
compression sleeve with shoulder attachment
umbilical cord for children
compression socks for an active lifestyle
medical fixator for the cervical spine, children's
Supportive bandage for arm fixation
compression socks
neoprene bandage for fixation of the shoulder joint
neoprene bandage for fixation of the foot joint
neoprene bandage for fixation of the elbow joint
support belt for pregnant women
compression anti-embolism stockings with inspection hole
support belt for pregnant women with pronounced back support


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About the company

LTD "TONUS ELAST" is a Latvian company that produces medical flexible products:

  • compression socks and tights;
  • back support belts;
  • pregnant women belts;
  • posture correctors;
  • for orthotic joints;
  • elastic bandages.

Our compression knitted products - compression socks, tights and sleeves - have received special recognition in medical circles.
Medical compression products are produced in prevention, first and second compression classes. This means that the products are suitable both for reducing the risks of venous disease, for treatment and during the postoperative period.
The effectiveness of TONUS ELAST compression products is recognized by world-class experts, they meet the strictest standards, and the products' compliance with compression classes is internationally certified.
Belts and correctors are TONUS ELAST's second largest product group. Our experienced engineers have developed complex post-operative belts as well as belts and posture correctors for everyday well-being. We have devoted special attention to the development of maternity belts and products for new mothers. The most popular products in this group are maternity belts and underwear for new mothers.
The TONUS ELAST production plant is located near Liepāja and employs around 180 employees. Every year, TONUS ELAST engineers and technologists develop new products that meet the requirements of the modern market.
Already since 1995. we have been taking care of our customers' well-being and are the largest producer of flexible medical products in the Baltics.



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