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Topzaluzi Group, LTD


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  5. Velgas iela 7, Jaunolaine, Olaines pag., Olaines nov., LV-2127


LTD "TOPZALUZI GROUP" - a modern company - we always drive to the customer ourselves. By cooperating with us, ordering blinds will be very easy. Cassette blinds for windows( standard, reflective, night blackout, day-night), Roller blinds, Pleated blinds, Wooden/Aluminum horizontal blinds, Vertical blinds, Roman. Riga and Riga region - Free on-site visit and measurement by a foreman; Manufacture and installation of blinds to order within 10 days on average. Prices depend on the chosen type, material and size - fill out the application to call the master on the TOPZALUZI website!



Blinds, Cassette blinds, Blinds day night,
vertical blinds, Horizontal blinds, Wooden blinds, Pleated blinds, Roller blinds, Cassette blinds