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Metal company "Torgy Baltic" has successfully proven itself in the local market and successfully exports its products. Has been in the industry for 15 years. Our production is equipped with a variety of modern equipment, and all work is performed by highly qualified personnel. According to an individual order or your drawing, we will make high-quality metal products of any complexity, constructions and high-precision parts. The company offers metalworking services - welding, laser cutting, water cutting, rolling, bending, turning, CNC milling, wet painting, sandblasting, digital surveying and Frosio III inspector supervision.



Black steel, stainless steel, aluminium welding, TIG( AC / DC),
MIG/MAG, Metal structure production,
Sheet metal bending, Laser cutting of metal sheets, Metal sheet cutting,
Rolling sheet metal, Metal drilling,
Metal milling, Metal sawing, polishing, Plasma cutting Metal products, Metal processing, Metal constructions, metal parts,
Sale of metal - sheets, pipes, bars, beams, profiles, round iron CNC Laser cutting; CNC water cutting, waterjet, hydroabrasive grinding, CNC sheet bending, CNC sheet rolling;
CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC sawing, drilling, thread cutting,
flat grinding. Welding, stainless steel and titanium welding.
Painting, Frosio III inspections, check. Sand blast, NDT tests,
hot galvanizing, electroplating in cooperation with suppliers.
Metal products by individual order. ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 3834-5 EN 1090 ASEplas glass reinforced composite materials. Insulation material, materials.Pipe support shoes for cold and cryogenic pipelines.Thermal insulation supports for cold tanks.HV panel clamps.Heat insulation brackets for cold ship walkways and ladders.Insulation pipe segments.Underwater equipment and tools.Frames, structures, brackets, ROV panels, ROV handles, counterweights, umbilical vertebrae, protective shields and stands, guide pipe supports. Underwater projects. Ship spare parts.