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Tropic LTD pet products
Tropic ltd pet supply
Tropic ltd pet goods wholesale
Tropic ltd pet goods wholesale
Tropic ltd pet store
Tropic ltd pet store
Tropic ltd pet store
Tropic ltd pet store
Tropic ltd pet store


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Business data

  • EUR 1562980 / 2022
  • 14
  • Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40003005866
  2. LV40003005866
  3. 04.06.1991
  4. 07.07.2003
  5. Celtnieku iela 5, Ķekava, Ķekavas nov., LV-2123

Zoogoods, animal food

LTD "TROPIC" - a company with 30 years of experience offers:
  • animal feed
  • animal feed wholesale
  • zoogoods
  • wholesale of pet goods
  • delivery of goods throughout Latvia


Tropic experience

The leading trader of pet products and animal feed in Latvia.


Kekava, Near Riga, Near Riga. The natural ones, for cats. Toys for animals. Wholesale of zoo goods. Dog, cat food distributors, centre. Pet food wholesaler bases, retail, trade, trade. Zoo goods, animal care. Accessories, aquariums and their accessories, veterinary. Aquarium. Straps, drops, shampoos. BOZITA, HAGEN, Jerob, JUWEL, Karlie, MJAU, SAHARA, SANAL, Schesir, STUZZY, Sera, Witte molen, Odour Buster. DUVO PLUS. Dog, cat, rodent, fish, bird, parrot, canary, animal vitamins, delicatessen, Zoo goods delivery, good prices.