TTE (Truck & Trailer equipment), LTD

TTE (Truck & Trailer equipment), LTD

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  5. Mazjumpravas iela 47, Rīga, LV-1063

LTD "TTE (Truck & Trailer equipment) -" The only authorized manufacturer of refrigeration equipment "THERMO KING" and "" REFRIGERATOR BLOCK "" representative and service in Latvia

We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions, including zero-emission, refrigerated equipment for transportation with temperature regulation for any type of vehicle( for minibuses, buses, cargo bodies, semi-trailers, freezers)


"THERMO KING" and "FRIGOBLOCK" - Warranty repair.

Cold equipment, refrigeration equipment, air conditioners( including cabin air conditioner), maintenance and repair of autonomous heating equipment, freight elevators.
We offer all types of truck bodies and their repair.
We are rebuilding minibuses and installing thermal insulation.


THERMO KING šaldymo įranga


Freezing equipment, cold equipment THERMO KING, FRIBO BLOC refrigeration equipment, refrigerators,
Repair of refrigeration equipment THERMO KING, Carrier, Alex original, ZANOTTI, THERMO KING, FRIBO BLOCK, TRANE TECHNOLOGIES official representative in LATVIA, Autonomous conditioners, refilling of air-conditioners, freon filling, refrigerator maintenance, Spare parts, warranty repairs, Minibus, installation of bus air conditioners, maintenance, repair, Truck body, installation of cargo lifts, repair, Refrigerator spare parts, Minibus thermal insulation, TOUCHLOG/TOUCHPRINT, Temperature recorders, THERMO KING latest technologies( including no emissions) cold equipment with temperature regulation for any type of vehicle, Refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment, conditioner( including cabin air conditioner), autonomous heating equipment, maintenance and repair of freight elevators, We offer all types of truck bodies and their repair, We are rebuilding minibuses and installing thermal insulation, Sales and installation of new and used refrigeration equipment for transport, Installation of internal thermal insulation in commercial vehicles, Installation of hearses and hearses, Isothermal, panel housings, bodies on chassis chassis, GDP Pharma certification for the transportation of medicines, Warranty maintenance of Thermo King refrigeration equipment, Repair of all types of transport refrigeration equipment from Thermo King and other manufacturers, maintenance, technical service, Service 24h/7, mobile service, Retail and wholesale of Thermo King spare parts and accessories, Sale of temperature recorders/thermographs, installation, calibration, annual review, inspection protocols. Renting of transport with refrigeration equipment, trade, Sale of sea container refrigeration equipment, examinations, repair, Sale of transport air conditioners, maintenance and repair, Sale and repair of autonomous transport heaters( Planar etc), Sale and repair of diesel generators, Freezing equipment, Semi-trailer refrigeration equipment, Trailer refrigeration equipment, Refrigeration equipment for commercial transport, Spare parts, Supplements, accessories