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construction works
repair works
construction works
facade insulation
window and door installation
electrical installation works
repair works
plumbing installation


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Business data

  • EUR 64403 / 2022
  • 6

Legal data

  1. 44103110907
  2. LV44103110907
  3. 15.03.2017
  4. 15.03.2017
  5. "Bērzi 3" – 21, Krīvi, Vaives pag., Cēsu nov., LV-4136


The company performs all types of construction and repair work, facade construction and insulation work, sewerage and water supply construction, electrical installation, window and door installation, as well as plumbing repair.



Construction, construction, repair, construction works, repair works, facade insulation, facade construction, roof works, sewerage and water pipeline construction, electrical installation works, window and door installation, plumbing installation, plumbing repair.