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Advertising bags with printing
Advertising bags with printing.
Advertising bags with printing
Bread bags.
Lockable bags.
Pallet films.
Steering wheel cover
Tire bags


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Company "UNILEVEL" has been successfully operating in the packaging market for more than 15 years. We offer a very wide range of packaging materials such as individually designed bags, simple packaging films and complex construction bags. We listen to the customer's wishes about new types of bag packaging. Individual approach to each customer and guarantee of product quality.



Polyethylene bags, ( PE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE) Bag, polyethylene bags, ( PE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE) polypropylene bags, ( PP, CPP, BOPP) cloth bags, Bread bags, zip lock bags, lockable bags,
bags with adhesive tape, polster embossed with bubble wrap, stretch film,
pallet film, wrap film, packaging film, laminated film,
adhesive tapes, adhesive tapes with logo, adhesive tapes with print, non-standard packaging,
Bag printing and design, advertising with logo, Corrugated cardboard boxes,
Packaging production, trade, wholesale, Polyethylene steering covers for car service centers, Polyethylene bags for car service centers,
Polyethylene packaging for hygienic goods, Waste bags, Promotional bags,
Paper nipples with clips, Wrapping paper, Package material,
Paper bags, individual design bags, packaging materials,
bulk products packaging, grocery pack, Estonia,
Lithuania, Scandinavia, Finland, Sweden. Wholesale of packaging Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Packaging for shipments. Packing for food.
Packaging of frozen products. Tea packaging. Plastic packaging.
Pastry bags. Tea Bags. Shopping Bags. Plastic bags wholesale. Drawstring bags. Bioplastic bags, bio bags.
Bags for freezing. Polyethylene bags printing. Cellophane bags.
Film bags.