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Business data

  • EUR 714339 / 2023
  • 20
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003210680
  2. LV40003210680
  3. 16.08.1994
  4. 17.06.2004
  5. Ādmiņu iela 7, Rīga, LV-1009


SIA V4 Motorshas been operating in the field of car repair since 1994, and its activities can be conditionally divided into four directions - repair of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, body repair of cars and commercial vehicles, distribution and installation of car security systems, technical expert services



Commercial transport repair;
Body repair works;
Cooperation with insurance companies;
Performing maintenance;
Running gear repair;
Electrical system alarms;
Engine diagnostics and repair;
Conditioning systems;
Car insurance;
Consultation before car purchase;
Car accessories, their installation.



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Engine belt replacement, timing belt change, sprinkler change, fuel nozzle change, diesel engine diagnostics, opacity test, car electrical system testing. Running gear repair, running gear diagnostics, wheel geometry. Tyre assembly, tyre balancing, tyre change, tyre repair, tyre storage, Sale of tyres. Transmission repair, Steering gear, mechanism repair, hydraulic power steering diagnostics, reducer repair, wheel, tyre toe-in/toe-out adjustment, steering wheel mechanism repair, steering gear replacement, clutch repair, clutch replacement, oil change, filter change, plug change, ball joints change, steering wheel replacement, steering rod change, silent block change, axle-box, bushings change, shock absorbers, shock absorber change, bearing change, bearings, semi-axle pivot, change of semi-axle joints Body repair, body welding, geometry reconstruction, bumpers, plastic parts, glass change, glass paste, mirror replacement, car painting, polishing, car body polishing, Body geometry reconstruction, body geometry repair on the stand, painting works, lamp repair and replacement, headlight polishing, welding works, welding, anti-corrosion treatment Brake diagnostics, brake stand, brake testing. Brake system test, Brake systems, brake system repair, brake pad change, brake shoe change, brake disc change, brake tube rolling and installation, brake fluid change,
Disk grinding,
Brake shaft change, brake caliper repair, brake pipe change, brake test on stand. Car electric system diagnostics. Electronic system, electrical equipment diagnostics, adjustment and repair. Reading and clearing the error code. ( ABS, ESP, SRS &; Airbag) central lock. Electrician services, injector diagnostics, complete car computer diagnostics, car diagnostics, electrical system, car electrician, car electrician, audio installation, Hands free installation, radio installation, central lock, alarm systems, car electrical system repair,
Electrical device ignition system, starters, generators, accumulators, battery replacement, alarm installation, car alarm installation, car alarms, alarm installation, alarm service, alarm repair. Parking sensors, parkingsensors, reverse speed sensors, parking sensors, parkings, parking systems, cord repair, wiring repair conditioner refilling, conditioners,
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