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OBV Prot
Source of fiber
Bone health and digestive support
Power pack

Business data

  • EUR 20232 / 2022

Legal data

  1. 44103137757
  2. LV44103137757
  3. 13.01.2020
  4. 13.01.2020
  5. Mores iela 11 k-2 – 12, Rīga, LV-1034

About the company

Valens Nutri is a personalized nutrition company that communicates the latest in nutrition, preventive medicine, and develops, manufactures, and markets products to help you be strong, healthy, and great in simple, understandable language.



Prebiotic, Preimmu, skin health, immunity, immunity strengthening, Valens Nutri Power Pack, OBVProt, bone health, gut health, appetite control, digestive support.