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Exercise machines for sports centers
Professional elliptical trainers
Elliptical exercise machines
Professional ski trainers
Exercise machine repair in Riga
Home exercise machines
Fitness equipment for premises
Gym service in Riga
Professional trainers for sports clubs
Treadmills for gyms
Home exercise bikes
Exercise bikes
Tehnogym trainers
Bike Personal Live
Personal line home
Pure line
Technogym bench
Technogym bench
Technogym bike
Technogym bike
Technogym bike
Technogym MyRun
Technogym MyRun
Technogym MyRun home
Technogym MyRun


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  • 24 in march 2021, 10:00

    ❝Paldies par foršu servisu. Viss tika piegādāts laicīgi, profesionāla komanda, tika piegādāts, uzstādīts un tika sniegta konsultācija! Superīgs skrejceļš - Technogym MyRun priekš mājām!!!❞

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Professional exercise equipment Technogym. Technogym exercise machines. Trade, service, consultations. We offer a wide range of trainers and scales, everything from treadmills and wheel trainers to free weights and dumbbells, ropes, benches and many other sports products.



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