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Winery "Vējkalnietis"
Winery "Vējkalnietis"
Winery "Vējkalnietis"
Winery "Vējkalnietis"
Winery "Vējkalnietis"


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  • EUR 14261 / 2022
  • 1
  • Producer, Service provider


Legal data

  1. 41203036389
  2. LV41203036389
  3. 05.03.2010
  4. "Vējkalni", Lauciene, Laucienes pag., Talsu nov., LV-3285
  5. 2022


The small alcohol brewery Vējkalnietis with the most diverse range of drinks in Latvia is located in Lauciene, Talsi county. We have been making our home wines for 50 years using the time-tested technology my father used before the war. This is not a highly mechanized industrial plant, but careful artisanal - basically manual - work.
The assortment of wines is diverse - many small ones( 25-300 liters) party. The total volume per year is around 2500 l. Our drinks do not contain today's widely used sulfites or other chemical stabilizers, clarifiers or flavor enhancers. Chemical plant protection agents are not used in the cultivation of fruits and berries.
Every year there are around 20 different wines in the assortment. Less dry and semi-dry wines, but mostly semi-sweet and dessert wines. Almost all garden and forest berries and fruits, rhubarb, pumpkins growing in Latvia have been tried and used as raw materials.

Tastings of Vējkalnieša wines and spirits take place all year round, including in winter, with prior appointment by phone. 29457055.
In the shop, you can buy the widest range of drinks created by a single winery in Latvia! Everyone can find a drink that suits their taste here, because in 2020. per year we will offer 18 different house wines and 19 types of strong alcoholic beverages, in bottles of different volumes and shapes.
New - immunity-boosting alcohol-free black elderberry-cranberry and black elderberry-quince syrups.


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