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Friction resistant coating for parquet
Roof waterproofing coating
Basement rehabilitation, protective coatings
Sports ground coverings
Terrace, products for tiling
Bathroom, insulation systems
Kitchen, floor repair materials


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SIA '' Velve MS. Technologies offer the highest quality materials for the needs of both private individuals and professional builders, as well as the construction materials required for the construction of nationwide hydraulic structures. Since 1999. of SIA Velve MS. The technologies are MAPEI SpA, a world-famous manufacturer of dry mixes and construction chemicals, as well as POLYGLASS SpA. official representative of waterproofing materials in Latvia.


Waterproofing, epoxy coatings, tile adhesives and seamers, vinyl tile adhesives and seamers, sealants, additives for concrete, parquet adhesives, surface smoothing compounds, self-leveling materials, interior and exterior paints, design floor coverings, protective coatings, protective colors, expansion joints, concrete repair mortar, masonry remediation materials, sound-proofing, water-repellent coating, primers, injections, MAPEI, POLYGLASS, construction materials, concrete painting, products for tiling, waterproofing, plaster, floor leveling and repair, parquet coatings, adhesives for parquet, surface smoothing, insulation systems, road maintenance, profiles for building.