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Legal data

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  6. 2023

About the company

LTD "VEMOLS" offers tinware as per your preference/tone. Construction works, sale of building materials. Trailer rental, transport services, mini excavator services, construction equipment rental.


We offer:

  • External window sills
  • Flanges
  • Gables
  • Cornices
  • Windboards
  • Gutter internal/external
  • Rain water drainage system( round)
  • angular ZENIT - Roof hatches
  • Snow barriers
  • Roof brackets
  • Repair paints
  • Roof screws
  • Anti-condensate film
  • Diffusion membrane
  • Wind insulation film
  • Steam insulation film
  • Balex roofs
  • Sandwich panels and their finishing elements
  • Zet-profile
  • C-profile
  • U-profile
  • Thermano thermal insulation.
  • BALEXMETAL - Concrete tiles BENDER
  • Metal tiles WIENERBERGER
  • Asbestos-free slate ETERNIT
  • Bitumen shingle IKO
  • Ventilation outlet WIRPLAST
  • Ceramic chimneys MK KOLEKT
  • Fiber cement boards CEDREAL
  • Metal tiles with stone fineness
  • Composite tiles
  • Natural stone slabs( CUP)
  • PVC rainwater drainage system( Dakota; SCALE)
  • Roof safety elements( Orima)
  • Clinker brick tiles



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