Legal data

  1. 52102027881
  2. LV52102027881
  3. 01.02.2001
  4. 01.03.2005
  5. "Krastiņi", Kazdangas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3456


Trade, transport services, car service, tyre service, construction, construction materials, tools, repair works, household goods, household items, men's clothing sale, accessories, food sale, machinery rental, rent in Kurzeme, equipment rental in Latvia, timber hauler, cargo vans, excavator, tracked excavator, dump truck, semi-trailers, trucks, loader, roofs, roof coatings, windows, window installation, logging, logging services, Kurzeme, Latvia, sawing, felling removal, locating, tree measurements, soil milling, forest purchase, buying of felling sites, agricultural services, land purchase, pond management, fish farming, fish fry, tinsmith services, turner services, welder services, tyre assembly, sale of tyres, truck tyres, tractor tyres, car tyres, timber, sale of timber materials, forest, purchase of forests, fish, carps, sale of fish, agriculture, growing of agricultural crops. Dump truck, excavator services, pond digging, gravel cleaning, road construction, snow cleaning, sewerage installation, car manipulator. Premises for rent, rental of squares, trailer, trailer services, trailer services, trailers.