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About us

Versupack, the leading distributor of organic food packaging and disposable tableware in Europe and the Baltics, offers an innovative and bio-compostable packaging solution for anyone in the food and catering industry. Our team believes that environmentally friendly packaging is one of the main factors influencing consumer choice when buying food. As the demand for fast and convenient To-Go meals grows, so does public opinion about disposable packaging. Food packaging made from environmentally friendly materials - bamboo, certified paper, sugar cane fiber and bioplastic - is a big step forward in the competition for socially responsible business.



  • Paper bags
  • Disposable wooden tableware
  • Food packaging
  • Disposable tableware for banquets
  • Disposable tableware
  • ECO food packaging



The company has been operating for more than 10 years and offers items such as disposable tableware and cutlery, paper bags for culinary products, high-quality paper napkins and tablecloths, dishes for cooking and buffets. It is possible to view the catalog on the website.


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