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Pilates, gymnastics, physiotherapist Monta Puide
Head of the Center of headaches, headache specialist, neurologist dr. Daina Jēgere
Narcologist Ilze Maksima, narcological reference
Health center
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Doctor in Riga

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  • Admission is by appointment only

Business data

  • EUR 999395 / 2021
  • 24
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40103780161
  2. LV40103780161
  3. 15.04.2014
  4. Bukultu iela 11, Rīga, LV-1005
  5. 2021


Health center "Vivendi" is a new concept outpatient treatment facility specializing in the treatment of stress and unhealthy lifestyle disorders.

Our approach to the patient is based on the integrated work of professional medical professionals who work with the person as a whole, taking into account all the roots of the disease - biological, emotional and social.

We believe that the effectiveness of treatment is based on the implementation of therapeutic lifestyle changes for long-term health improvement. The health center provides help to people who have: depression, burnout, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, excessive stress, psychosomatic illness, headache, pain, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, being overweight or any other health problem.

We work in our health center: family doctor, cardiologist, neurologist, algologist,( pain physician), physiotherapist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychosomatic medicine specialist, nutritionist and masseur.,

The health center provides consultations, laboratory and clinical examinations, preventive examinations and treatment, including through specialized therapeutic lifestyle change programs.

The treatment of the patient combines both traditional and complementary medical methods in order to achieve the intended goal - a healthy and happy person as effectively as possible.



  • Psychiatry / psychotherapy
  • Eating disorders / overweight
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Physiotherapy
  • General health



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Neurology. Dr. Daina Jēgere. Dr. Linda Zvaune.

Cardiology. Dr. Vita Vestmane.

Psychology. Kristīne Dūdiņa. Kristiāna Kalniņa. Agnes Zagorska. Yvette Brents. Magdalena Pranaite. Laura Kovaļenko. Zinta Tiļļa-Zirne. Sandra Sluka.

Psychiatry. Dr. Inga Zārde. Dr. Jānis Bušs. Dr. Mārtiņš Ogsts. Dr. Liena Grauda. Dr. Kristīna Buta. Dr. Armands Liseckis. Dr. Natālija Bērziņa. Dr. Asja Laptijeva. Dr. Marina Veģere. Dr. Sandra Samoilova. Dr. Linda Ruben.

Drug and alcohol abuse. Dr. Ilze Maksima. Dr. Rita Kuznecova. Mārtiņs Ennītis.

Family doctors. Dr. Ilze Barone. Dr. Daina Lustika. Dr. Inga Dzelve-Klepere.

Psychotherapy. Dr. Tarass Ivaščenko. Dr. Ilze Mežraupe. Dr. Anastasia Kajandere. Dr. Agia Tomme. Dr. Yevgeny Dmitriev. Dr. Dāvis Liepa. Dr. Katrina Zilgalve. Dr. Marta Jas. Dr. Jana Vybur. Dr. Laura Konrāde-Yilmaz. Dr. Christina Kosreva.

Dance and Movement Therapy. Kristīne Vende-Kotova.

Nutritionists. Liene Sondore. Eva Kataja. Jeļena Pavlova. Aija Libere. Beatrice Upeniece. Lyme Givoin.

Physiotherapy. Zane Rožkalne. League Greenbaum. Elina Bergman.

Acupuncture. Dr. Aria Cyprus.

Massage. Inita Vēvere. Ilze Oiguse.