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Jumpsuit with reflective stripes
Semi-overalls with warm lining
Waterproof fabric
Waterproof fabric
Jumpsuit water repellent fabric
Jumpsuit water repellent fabric
Semi-overall with elastic back
Jacket + Pants (warm), waterproof
Trousers, waterproof fabric
Jacket + overalls (warm), water repellent
Orange T-shirt with the ability to display your logo
Vest, water-proof fabric
Hat with brim warm
Hunter signal hats (changeable)
Hunter signal hats (changeable)
Panamanian (changeable)
Hat with the ability to display your logo
Hat with brim


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  3. "GE Money Bank", AS, Lielvārdes filiāle
  4. LV79BATR0051C01596200
  5. 17.06.1994
  6. Ogres nov., Rembates pag., "Vētras-2"


Since 1994, Vētras-2 has been sewing work clothes, hunting and fishing suits. Customers are also offered a wide range of gloves, shoes and protective equipment assortment. We make work clothes, hunting and fishing suits to individual order, also embroidering logos. Vētras-2 factory offers a flexible discount system, the highest quality. You will be welcome at Vētras-2 factory and our store in Lielvārde! Delivery throughout LATVIA!


Work clothing sewing. Work clothing production, wholesale and retail,
overalls, semi-overalls, warm jackets, hats. Hunter costume production,
shoe trade. T-shirts, work footwear, signal hats, pants, vests. Jumpsuit
with reflective stripes , with warm lining . Hunter signal caps.
work safety, hunter's clothes, hunter's clothing , hunting accessories,
hunting clothing , camouflage clothing , camo clothing .