Photo 15

Alfa ds 100, Environmental technology
Alfa fultra 1, Environmental technology
Cement chipboard
Knauf lds silk2
Particle board pellets
Krendl 1300 thermal insulation material installation equipment
Stewart Energy 250
Toilet paper in rolls, Environmental technology
Environmental technology, alfa flex
Environmental technology, chipboard TG4
Environmental technology, ecovate balticflo
Environmental technology, facade wool rockwool frontrock super
Environmental technology, isover insulsafe
Environmental technology, knauf insulation mineral wool
Environmental technology, osb construction board


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About the company

Thermal insulation material trader LTD "VIDES TEHNIKA" will help everyone find the most suitable way of building insulation. In the range of thermal insulation materials, you will find materials widely used in the world, as well as completely new types of thermal insulation materials, as well as the most environmentally friendly and ecological insulation materials, which will make your home not only warm and cozy, but also friendly to the environment and human health.



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