Vidzemes bērnu veselības centrs Apelsīns, LTD

Vidzemes bērnu veselības centrs Apelsīns, LTD

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Child neurologist in Valmiera, neurologist Baiba Treija
Observation of children, consultation on the child's health
Counseling for children with behavioral disorders, psychotherapist for children in Valmiera
Qualified pediatrician, good neurologist in Valmiera
A good neurologist in Valmiera Baiba Treija, neurosonography for infants
Neurosonography, sonography in infants, neurosonography in infants in Valmiera
Consultation of a certified neurologist in Valmiera, neurologist in Vidzeme
Tests for children, neurological examinations, neurological examinations
Health center in Valmiera, back pain treatment for children

Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon1000-1600
  • Tue1000-1600
  • Wed-
  • Thu1000-1600
  • Fri1000-1600
  • Sat-
  • Appointments with a neurologist are required by prior appointment.

Business data

  • EUR 67257 / 2021
  • 5

Legal data

  1. 44103091822
  2. 20.03.2014
  3. 20.03.2014
  4. Rūjienas iela 11, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4202
  5. 2022

About us:

LTD Vidzemes bernu veselibas centrs "Apelsīns" established to provide outpatient neurological assistance to children and infants in Vidzeme region. Children from neonatal age to 18 years with sleep disorders, behavioral disorders, movement disorders, movement disorders, epilepsy may consult a pediatric neurologist. Highly qualified neurologist Baiba Treija performs neurosonography on infants. We have arranged everything so that the child is not afraid and he feels comfortable. Children will be able to play during the reception, they will be observed and tested. To make the patient feel safe and comfortable, we perform all the necessary procedures and diagnostics as quickly as possible, so one visit lasts about 30 minutes. Medical institution code: 2500-00154.



  • Children neurologist
  • Ultrasound for babies
  • Neurosonography for infants
  • Reproductive health consultation
  • Podometry consultations



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