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Work safety company in Riga
Vilevi labor protection Riga
Occupational health and safety system arranging
Fire safety training
Sale of fire-extinguishers
Security signs for companies
Sale of first aid kit
Fire extinguisher refilling
Evacuation plan drafting
Work environment risk assessment
Labor safety organization
Work safety
Labour protection


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LTD "Vilevi" - Tips from professionals for safe work

Experienced, certified specialists with long work experience in the field of labor protection and fire safety work in the company. We provide our clients with high-quality documentation preparation and execution, which facilitates the work of companies and meets the requirements of the Labor Protection Law.
LTD "Vilevi" has a lot of experience in the field of providing labor protection services. Our services have been used by both large companies and small and medium-sized companies in various spheres of activity. Service all over Latvia.


LTD "Vilevi" services:

  • Labour protection
  • Fire safety
  • Maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • Personal data protection
  • Fire safety alarm
  • Wiring measurements
  • Photo services


LTD "Vilevi" It is possible to buy in the online store:

  • Safety signs
  • Fire-extinguishers
  • Various goods



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