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Cooling equipment
Aluminum structures
Shop equipment
Cold showcases
Food store equipment

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  • EUR 1986471 / 2023
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  1. 40103492488
  2. LV40103492488
  3. 16.12.2011
  4. 16.12.2011
  5. Jaunā Līgo iela 31, Berģi, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-1024

About us

We always offer complex solutions to our customers: assistance in equipment selection, equipment assembly and installation, as well as warranty and post-warranty service.



Shop equipment, cold showcases, hot show-cases, neutral showcases, doors for freezers, sliding doors, glass doors, showcases, checkout nodes, entrance systems for stores, shopping carts, shopping carts, stroller sheds, trade shelves, warehouse equipment, non-standard store equipment, spherical mirrors for sale.