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Warehousing services
Large warehouses with railway access
Warehouses for any type of cargo
Railway supply for warehouses
Warehouse services for packaged cargo
Modern storage facilities
Secure warehouses


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Business data

  • EUR 1923174 / 2021
  • EUR 600000 / 2015
  • EUR 1100000 / 2015
  • 25
  • Asia/Pacific, Central Asia, Africa, Central/East Europe, West Europe, Central America, South America
  • Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Finland, Indonesia, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russian Federation, Sweden, Tajikistan, United States, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam
  • Asia/Pacific, Central/East Europe, South America
  • Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan
  • Exporter, Importer, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003128963
  2. LV40003128963
  3. "SEB banka"
  4. .
  5. 11.05.1993
  6. 19.07.2004


About the company

Vollers-Rīga is a logistics company that has been operating since 1993. annual. The company owns more than 20,000 sq.m. own warehouse space, including the customs warehouse. The company offers various types of services, including goods clearance, general and temperature controlled( + 2 + 6 C, -18-21 C) cargo storage.


We offer:

  • customs warehouse services, including import, export and transit procedures
  • warehouse services for EU goods
  • freezer services
  • storage of various packaged goods
  • storage of green coffee beans
  • storage of green cocoa beans
  • storage of packaged frozen goods
  • storage of cotton and wool bales
  • storage of packaged milk powder
  • organization of goods transportation by sea, rail, car and air transport
  • logistics services



The warehouses have their own rail access and are equipped with covered rail loading ramps where up to 22 rail cars can be processed simultaneously.



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