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Car simulator for trips
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Rental of virtual reality glasses
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Virtual reality
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Car simulator for events

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  3. 17.03.2017
  4. 17.03.2017
  5. Krišjāņa Barona iela 106 – 19, Rīga, LV-1001

About us

LTD "VR Room" is a virtual reality entertainment studio that will help you experience unprecedented emotions thanks to virtual reality glasses( For VR glasses) . No prior knowledge or physical fitness is required, we will teach and help you! A wide range of games suitable for everyone, whether playing in a team or competitively. The possibilities are limitless! More relaxed games like tennis, bowling, space walk or music games. For lovers of sharper senses, we offer boxing, shooting or roller coaster games. Quality lovers will definitely appreciate the most popular AAA games. Everything you need to have a great time in a positive atmosphere with friends, family, colleagues or alone.

In our virtual reality studio, you will find spacious and bright rooms for all the entertainment we offer, a friendly and positive instructor, the most modern VR glasses, a car simulator equipped with a VR system, a PlayStation 5 console, novus, as well as tables for snacks and drinks that you can safely take with you without additional fees.

VR glasses allow you to immerse yourself in virtual reality. These glasses have two built-in screens that project images directly into the user's eyes, providing a 3D effect. When you put on the VR glasses, the field of vision is filled with a virtual environment that makes you feel like you have entered another world or environment. The sensations are so real that it is tempting to reach out completely and grasp what is visible.


We offer

  • VR glasses and car simulator services
  • Organizing events at our premises
  • Organization of trips to you
  • Rental of virtual reality and other equipment
  • Technical support



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