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Car painting in Riga
Car painting
Car body painting
Car painting
Headlight polishing, renovation
Headlight polishing
Minibus body repair
Minibus, car painting
Body painting
Car headlight polishing
Car headlight polishing, renovation
Car headlight polishing
Car repair
Car body welding
Car service station in Riga


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  • Sat900-1500

Business data

  • EUR 60741 / 2023
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  • Service provider

Legal data

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  4. LV14UNLA0050012916634
  5. 18.09.2008
  6. 18.09.2008

About us

We have been providing repair services for passenger cars, trucks, minibuses and other vehicles for several years.

The main areas of our service are bodywork repair and painting, but we offer other services, including current car repair, preparation for TA. We try to fulfill all your wishes in car repair. Some services we do not provide locally, but with the help of our partners, we handle these things as well. Despite everything, we do not stand still and develop, and the spectrum of our services increases.



  • body repair;
  • body polishing and painting;
  • adjustment, repair and replacement of headlights;
  • welding works;
  • electric installation works;
  • oil change;
  • tyre change and balancing;
  • car preparation for TA;
  • technical maintenance;
  • pre-sales preparation;
  • tow truck services;
  • budgeting for insurance companies;
  • glass tinting;
  • automobile restoration;
  • aerography.



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