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VOLVO service
Car service Mārupe Tīraine Ziepniekkalnas
Volvo spare parts Riga vrv motor
Tires Mārupe vrv motor
Tire change balancing Mārupe
Tire service Mārupe vrv motor
Rest room for customers car service vrv motor
Engine diagnostics dcfanmotor
Body painting mercedes
New and used car spare parts
Car spare parts
Car service station
Car service station in Pardaugava
Car service station in Marupe
Body painting
Electronics diagnostics of Volvo cars with the device SRS and system tester
Car body geometry renovation on stand
Body painting, straightening( straightening)
Body painting
Volvo spare parts
VrV motor car service winter


  1. +371 67912663
  2. +371 20282858
  3. +371 29149090
  4. +371 29114422


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  3. 28.11.2001
  4. 15.10.2003
  5. Rīga, Kantora iela 68A - 1, LV-1002

About us:

Already 20 years of experience! Volvo car service. Volvo car post-warranty service. Volvo car spare parts. No 1993. until 2022. . In cooperation with leading insurance companies.


Wide recognition in the Baltic markets. We know how to find a solution in the most difficult situations!



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Car service station, ( car service) car repair. Volvo car electronics diagnostics with equipment VIDA and system tester. Volvo electronics defect prevention. Car diagnostics, Volvo computer diagnostics. Volvo electronics check. ( gasoline, for diesel engines) . Car diagnostics. All types of car running gear repair. Car service services in cooperation with: White, Ergo, Seesam, Gjensidige, If, BTA, Award. Body painting, straightening, ( straightening) . Body repair. Car body geometry renovation on stand, body geometry reconstruction works; car painting works, autopainting in Marupe. New and used car spare parts, parts, their trade. VOLVO, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI, RENAULT KANGOO, PEUGEOT PARTNER, Audi, BMW, MERCEDES. Electricians. Car electrician. Electrical system diagnostics, repair.
Car preparation for TI, ( for technical inspection) . Tyre assembly, service. Air-conditioner repair, refilling, conditioner refilling. Commercial transport. Commercial transport repair. Minibus repair. Swedish car. French car. Volvo car service. Volvo car post-warranty service. Volvo car spare parts. Car rental, ( service change car) . VOLVO car sale. VOLVO running gear repair, VOLVO maintenance, VOLVO spare parts. Riga. Riga region, Jelgavas region. Original spare parts and spare parts of equivalent quality can be purchased in the service shop, which are cheaper. Used car parts store offers spare parts from cars, which are purchased in Germany. In car graveyard are available parts for Volvo brand cars 1993-2017. year: VolvoV50, Volvo V/S 40, Volvo 940-960, Volvo S/V60, Volvo V/S70, Volvo S80, Volvo S90, Volvo XC70, Volvo XC90, Volvo XC60. Car repair, Volvo car repair, car service in Tīraine, car service station in Marupe, Ziepniekkalns. Car gas equipment. Car gas equipment installation. Car gas equipment in Mārupe. Car utilization, write-off. Car tow-truck. Car towing truck. Motor vehicle transportation with tow truck. Car moving. Little-used car trade. Car trade area. Passenger car trade. + Pre-sale inspection before purchase.
VOLVO. All types of electronic equipment repair, speedometer panel repair, auto alignment, auto tilt geometry stand, running gear repair, rack repair, reika repair in Marupe, repair of automatic gear boxes, AAR, rear gear repair, distribution box repair. VOLVO engine repair. Volvo diesel engine repair. Engine overhaul. Volvo motor repair. We offer VOLVO car pre-purchase inspection.