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Automation of production lines, Optimization of production lines, Production line design, Technological projects. Control, System Analysis. Optimization of production processes, redesign. ( Air control, heating systems, management systems, control units, Industrial systems) . Large scale objects, for example, TEC, HPP and other national facilities. Heavy engineering projects, development, sales. High qualification, experience in project development, under the leadership. Idea, certified product development, assessment. Electronic transducers. Optimization of the problem, testing production stand. Security processes. Woodworking. Energetics. Cogeneration stations, Electricity supply stations. Power stations. Connection of power plants. All, related to electricity, use of electricity, supply. Diesel generators. Programming processes, process. Technical documentation, Reading technical documentation, evaluation. Technical drawings, schemes. Definition of technical tasks. Division of the production process into different work stages of the technical task. Installation of finished lines. Launch. High technological projects. Standards. Industrial machines, workbenches, Process management, Electronic control, programming. Heat pump systems, system design, energy audit, wind generators, energy, electricity, power station, electricity, electricity, alternative energy, heating systems, energy efficiency, to electric network connected systems