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Plastics for construction
Plastics for manufacturing
Construction plastics
Plastics for printing
Production of stencils
Production of stencils
Production of stencils
3d cards wmt.baltic 3dmapbpusliher car film instruments tools uzlex fabric stand system fabric stands aluminum frames freestanding stands folding poster walls signboard light stands for shop windows light stands for interiors exhibition light stands light pylons exhibition design light stands folding aluminum roll presentation board roll up roll up system billboards exhibition pylons large format folding light stands light cubes light banners light objects exhibition stands conference stands klik frames information holder lockable billboards lockable information stands magnetic whiteboard poster frames outdoor advertising design interior decoration furniture elements billboards light boxes outdoor advertising design interior decoration furniture elements billboards light boxes Digital cutting packaging wmt.baltic Digital cutting stencils wmt.baltic Tile printing wmt.baltic uv printing on plastic industrial uv printing on plastic printing uv printing uv printing on plastic wmt baltic
Coverstyl films for interior wood stone glitter fabric
Digital Cutting.wmt baltic
Digital cutting UV printing wmt.baltic
Digital cutting wmt.baltic
Double sided adhesive tapes
Double sided adhesive tapes  stickers crystal labels 3D  crystal stickers crystal labels
Doming uzlex car stickers for clothing car emblems
Printing on mirror wmt.baltic
Printing stickers
Ghs tools polyurethane squeegee
Rubber cutting
Tools and accessories for car wrapping deglava street 166B
Flagpole flagpole installation flagpole flagpole production flagpole in Riga buy flag, flag production flag print flag holders fiberglass flagpole flags flagpole flags flagpole flagpole, flag making
Cardboard boxes construction plastic deglava street 166B
Adhesive films
Adhesive tapes
Rakelis banana tools and accessories for car wrapping deglava street 166B olfa muratec tajima kds knife film tools polyurethane rakeli rakeli accessories tools car wrapping magnets wrap wmt baltic ltd accessories, rollers, applicators, cutters, trimmers, OLFA, MURATEC, TAJIMA , Squeegees, hand tools, roll holders
Ttape emblem thermal transfer thermal transfer technology thermal press sublimation printers
Ttape poli flex turbo premium reflex supreme merida flock fashion
UV print wmt.baltic drukaw
Vacuum forming wmt.baltic
Vacuum wmt baltic ltd
Vacuum wmt baltic ltd
Vacuum wmt baltic ltd 3D forming with vacuum vacuum thermoforming thermoforming with vacuum forming 3D packaging
Vakuumformēš wmt baltic ltd 3D thermoforming 3D plastic sheet forming 3D vacuum forming machine for vacuum forming machine
Vakuumformēš wmt baltic ltd thermal vacuum forming thermoforming vacuum forming vacuum casting 3D forming plastic forming wmt baltic ltd vacuum forming products wmt baltic ltd vacuum forming products cnc shapes
Wmt baltic ltd fespa 2019 berline instruments viscom transmatic thermo presses TS 2M viscom transmatic thermo presses TS 3M


  1. WMT Baltic
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  7. Digitālā griešana un Indusriālā UV druka
  8. +371 26437830
  10. WMT Baltic interneta veikals
  14. APG
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  16. +371 26596474
  18. Coverstyl Latvia
  20. 3D Maps Publisher
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  • EUR 1813537 / 2021
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  1. 40003400148
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  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV15HABA0551007303071
  5. 15.07.2004
  6. Augusta Deglava iela 166B, Rīga, LV-1021

WMT Baltic is a modern company in the technology and materials market

The company WMT Baltic - one of the largest suppliers in the fields of materials, visual design, interior design and advertising, as well as a developer and producer of polymeric, self-adhesive materials. A separate area of our business is polymer sheet plastics, their sale and processing, as well as equipment production.
We have offices in different countries, our own sales network, as well as a production plant.



In its technological base( more than 1500m2) WMT Baltic manufactures technologies, equipment and tools for the visual industry. We produce vacuum forming equipment, 3D relief large maps, equipment for polymer labels, signage systems, tool for advertising. All technologies are presented at international exhibitions in Latvia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania.
We offer our customers such services and technologies as:

  • Industriālā druka
  • Digital cutting
  • Vacuum forming technology
  • 3D map publishing
  • Doming technology
  • Manufacture of tools / accessories
  • Aluminum profile cutting company



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