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Business data

  • EUR 522279 / 2019
  • 18
  • Producer, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 44103115105
  2. LV44103115105
  3. 07.02.2018
  4. Kocēnu nov., Kocēnu pag., "Mildas", LV-4220
  5. 2020


Our company specializes in the production and sale of high quality wood and wooden doors of modern design. We also design furniture projects according to clients' wishes. Customer wishes are our top priority. The design and function of the furniture are specifically tailored to the needs of the people. We design and manufacture wooden stairs that are not only functional but also a design element. 


Wooden windows, wooden-aluminum windows, wooden doors, wooden interior
doors and exterior doors, wooden stairs, furniture, furniture manufacturing,
furniture for cafes, bars, for shops, kitchen furniture, nursery furniture,
furniture for living rooms, bedroom furniture, cabinets, sliding systems,
built-in closets, furniture design, individual solutions, custom furniture-making,
joinery services, joinery, wooden furniture restoration, renovation.

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