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  • EUR 2462 / 2023
  • 2
  • Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
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Legal data

  1. 48503018418
  2. 01.07.2011
  3. 01.07.2011
  4. "Līči", Vītiņu pag., Dobeles nov., LV-3708
  5. 2023

About us:

LTD "Worming" is a family company, founded in 2012. Only local raw materials - manure are used. Our factory carries out a full production cycle - starting with manure composting, biohumus production and post-processing( drying and sieving and heating at 70C), and packaging. Biohumuss( also called vermicompost or earthworm compost) formed by California red earthworms processing organic waste - manure, various vegetables, leaves, etc. Visually, biohumus resembles black earth, it has no smell. Used as a basic or additional fertilizer for all plant crops, as well as for soil improvement. Contains micro- and macro-elements, enzymes, vitamins, humic substances and plant growth and development hormones necessary for plants.


Beneficial effect:

  • heals, enriches the soil and improves its structure
  • improves aeration and internal drainage of heavy clay soils
  • increases the water holding capacity of sandy soils
  • rich in humus, which is a favorable environment for the necessary microbes
  • diversity of micronutrients and macronutrients in forms easily accessible to plants
  • stimulates plant growth and helps them cope with diseases
  • reduces annual garden maintenance costs and cares for nature and the environment
  • increases germination by 11-24%, compared to sprouts without humus
  • increases productivity by 15-25%; compared to when humus is not used
  • the harvest is obtained up to two weeks earlier, compared to when no humus is used.



Biohumus is used both as a bulk substance and as a water infusion. By mixing vermicompost with soil in a ratio of 1: 3, soil structure improves and density decreases. Use of biohumus and its products for various plants, seedlings, vegetables, trees, shrubs, crops, etc. in growing and fertilizing, the need to use mineral fertilizers is reduced or even eliminated, as the plants become more immune to diseases, in addition, biologically pure and high-quality products are obtained as a result. In addition, natural resources that have been destroyed over the years by using artificial minerals and poisons in the agricultural industrialization process are also restored in this way.



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