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Work safety gloves clothing safety Cēsis Limbaži Valmiera Valka Sigulda WSC
Work safety Cēsis WSC work clothes gloves Cēsis Limbaži Valmiera Valka Vidzeme
WSC work safety Cēsis work gloves clothing Valmiera Limbaži Vecpiebalga Ainaži Sigulda
Work safety means
Work clothes
Work pants
Work gloves
Work footwear
Work gloves for screwing
Work jackets
Reflective jackets
Work clothes
Work protection products


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Business data

  • EUR 678714 / 2023
  • 9
  • Producer, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 54103039551
  2. LV54103039551
  3. 20.03.2006
  4. 20.03.2006
  5. Vilku iela 1, Cēsis, Cēsu nov., LV-4101

About us

LTD "WSC" is one of the largest and most experienced companies of work clothes, work shoes and personal protective equipment in Vidzeme. We have been with our clients since 2000. For the convenience of customers, we offer to sew your company's work clothes, as well as to embroider or print the company's logo according to your wishes. With free delivery, we deliver the product to our customers in Cēsis, Valmiera, Limbaži, Smiltene, Madona, Gulbene, Sigulda and Riga.


We offer goods for work and work safety:

  • Work gloves
  • Work footwear
  • Work clothes
  • Fire safety( fire extinguishers, absorbents, safety signs, evacuation plans),FIRE EXTINGUISHERS
  • Individual safety products( headphones, glasses, helmets, respirators, protective masks, filters, for work at height)
  • Occupational safety services



Work footwear, work clothes, work gloves, helmets, work glasses, respirators, semi-mask, filters, individual protection means, Fire safety, safety signs, work safety, fire extinguisher, apparatus, evacuation plan, Lifting slings, cargo strengthening, Robes, overalls, rain jacket, rainwear, rubber boots, Medical clothes, Welder clothing, Pallet trucks,
women's work wear, Thermal underwear, Cables, winches, tensioners, Carbines, hooks, chains, Work protection products, uniforms, Disposable clothing, security systems against fall, Overalls, disposable gloves, Individual protection means, Cook clothing