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Business data

  • EUR 5256278 / 2018
  • 44
  • Central/East Europe
  • Central Asia, Middle East, Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • United Arab Emirates, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40003449972
  2. LV40003449972
  3. 22.06.1999
  4. Rīga, Flotes iela 12A, LV-1016
  5. 2018


WT TERMINAL is a port terminal operating in the Freeport of Riga since 1999. The scope of the terminal is the provision of stevedore and value-added services, but still in higher quality and performance. We offer ever more flexible solutions to our customers, given their growing needs. 


Port loaders, port services, cargo terminal, port terminal, bulk cargo transshipment,
rail freight transport, ports, port services, sawn timber processing,
logistic services, stevedoring services, warehouse services, import and export in Riga,
customs brokerage services, timber transshipment, roundwood loading,
maritime transport, bulk cargoes, sawn timber, roundwood, general cargo,
chips reloading, Storage of goods, warehouses, goods / cargo transshipment,
open warehouse, warehouse logistics, land transport, freight transport by road,
railway transport.

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