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Quantum hyperlight in Bioptron dentistry
BABYQUANO mattresses, the highest quality, 100� natural latex
BIOPTRON Prize Aesthetic medicine
COBALT ROYAL, Porcelain tableware.
Live without pain Medolight
EdelWasser modern water purification system
Therapija Air healthier and cleaner air by 99%
Bioptron Quantum Hyperlight for Natural Immunity Enhancement
Bioptron quantum hyperlight in sports medicine
Quantum Hyperlight for Bioptron Wound Treatment
Quantum Hyperlight Bioptron Dermatology
Quantum hyperlight Bioptron for hair and scalp diseases
Quantum Hyperlight in Bioptron Pediatrics
Quantum Hyperlight Bioptron in Seasonal Affective Disorder( SAR)
Quantum hyperlight Bioptron in antiaging and aesthetic medicine
Quantum hyperlight Bioptron for pain relief
Quantum hyperlight Bioptron for pain relief
Quantum hyperlight in Bioptron dentistry
Advanced technology, patented Swiss engineering high quality - Bioptron Hyperlight Optics
Theraphy Air is your solution to seasonal allergies
Air purification, clean air 99.9�, Hepa filter, filtering system
Air purifier, air ionization, Myion
Hyperlighteyewear, optics, Protects the eyes, optimizes brain function
Quantum hyperlight bioptron
Quantum hyperlight
Medolight light therapy, doctor without medicine
MyIon Wearable Air Purifier, breathe clean air
More Juice press Frozen, fresh juice, good health
Knife Felix Solingen, Olive wood vegetable peeling knife
Stainless steel, boilers, making stews, soups, meat food, a healthy meal.
Olive wood SANTOKU knife, Zepter knife,
QUADRA grill pan, Cook healthy, cooked without fat
QUANOMED healthy dream
SANTOKU knife edition NO. 1 with openings, quality, chef's knives
Glass container, food storage system VacSy
TherapyAir Smart, healthy air, allergy free life
Clean water, will protect your health, EdelWasser
Pure airTherapyAir Smatr, life without allergies, air quality, live healthy
Stores longer, ecologically harmless, VacSy
More vitamins, smoothie, More Juice Press


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About Zepter International

Zepter International is an international Swiss private company founded in 1986. created by Filip Zepter. Since its inception, Zepter International has grown into an international multi-brand company that manufactures, distributes and sells exclusive, high-quality consumer goods worldwide, primarily through its sales network as well as high-end boutiques. Zepter International has conquered the world with more than 100,000 consultants representing the Zepter name, selling approximately one billion products in 60 countries and using more than 400,000 square meters of office space. Enhancing lifestyles around the world, today 8 Zepter factories in Germany, Italy and Switzerland produce hundreds of premium products for everyday healthy living, healthcare and beauty needs.


People's health, beauty and well-being together with environmentally friendly production, its service and education in ecological issues - these are the long-term goals of the Zepter group. Now more than ever, everyone needs Zepter products because Zepter's Health Mission is a simple and natural way to improve your everyday life.

Live better. Live longer.



Get to know our products

Developed as a result of years of scientific research and technological development, Zepter products form a unique system that offers the ideal solution for a healthy lifestyle. All the creators of Zepter products are inspired by the wonder of life and its infinite possibilities. Ancient knowledge teaches that the world is ruled by 4 elements: Light, Water, Air and Nutrition. They define the foundations of Zepter production:

  • Certified light therapy BIOPTRON,
  • Efficient Water and Air purification systems,
  • Unbeatable systems for preparing healthy meals Masterpiece Cookware,
  • Smart Sleep System solution for healthy sleep.

Zepter has built a safe bridge between humanity and nature, encouraging us to live a healthy lifestyle thanks to its wide range of premium products.


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