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Dental clinics "Meticulous" the main objective

Our main goal and task is to provide patients with high-quality dental services. Several of the clinic's doctors have also gained experience at British universities, and are still regularly updating their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various courses and seminars. When coming to the clinic, the patient can be sure that the latest methods will be used in the treatment process. Everything in the clinic is created for the needs of patients. We have a professional team of dentists who develop an individual treatment plan for each patient so that it is the most optimal for you.



Dentist, dentists. Dentistry for children and adults. Dental treatment, surgery, prosthetics, hygiene, whitening, orthodontics, x-ray. Teeth root canal treatment. Accept patients by appointment. Dentist in the center of Riga. Tooth extraction. Dental filling. Endodontics. Children dentist, adult dentist, dentist for the whole family.