Legal data

  1. 40203275425
  2. LV40203275425
  3. 25.11.2020
  4. 25.11.2020
  5. Aisteres iela 7 – 80, Liepāja, LV-3414


Fence assembly, Metal fences, wooden fences, construction, welding, dismantling, opening gates, sliding gates, production, street construction, area building, 3D panels, 2D panels, land construction works, greening, paving, gates, gate automatics installation, excavation works, estimating service, construction, assembly, pouring the foundation of the house, Fence installation, fences, Excavation works, Paving, Paving services, Territory improvement, Construction of terraces, footbridge construction, Dangerous tree cutting, Drainage system construction, Culvert construction, construction works, construction works.